Flood Resilient Livelihood intervention series: Banana farming in Murghawa

बुधवार, अगस्ट 2, 2023

December 2022

Sita Tharu (aged 37) and Pradeshni Tharu (aged 50) were busy tending to banana plantings in their farm in Murghawa. They received training from and have been cultivating bananas for the past 2 years.

They started banana farming in their joint 14 kattha land in 2021. They received this training and support from CSDR and Practical Action through Murghawa Community Disaster Management Committee (CDMC). This is a joint effort, where these families got together and invested jointly in their flood prone land; that had been turned barren after floods from Karnali.

CSDR together with Practical Action with support from Z Zurich Foundation and UNEP had provided this training to the communities with an aim to diversify livelihoods and promote cash crops in river bed areas. The trainees received 2 day training along with seeds and fertilizers along with irrigation (ground water boring) support.

“We learnt about the benefits of banana farming from another farmer in Tedia. Krishna Gopal Tharu had received support from CSDR and Practical Action in the first phase of Nepal Flood Resilience project. After his success; he has been a local ambassador and expert on banana farming to other communities,” Bandu Prasad Tharu , chairperson of Murghawa CDMC shared. He has played a key role in helping his community members access this training from CSDR.

CSDR has also supported them from time to time by sending their in-house Junior Technical Assistant (JTA) for advisory services and problem identification. Besides this, they have also also linked the farmers with other agriculture officials and relevant stakeholders to help solve their problems. They are hopeful that it will turn out to be profitable in the long run.

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