Pre event investment reduces potential flood loss

बुधवार, सेप्टेम्बर 21, 2022

20th September 2022

Ramesh, Krity and Bikram from Practical Action Nepal

On 17 and 18th September 2022, the southwestern part of Nepal witnessed monsoonal floods and inundation. The rainfall station in Rajapur recorded rainfall of 239.6 mm in 12 hrs while Karnali Chisapani (280 Station) recorded rise of 10.68 m (source: from DHM rainfall and river watch as on 17th September 2022). 9 communities, within Practical Action’s working areas, experienced flooding and inundation- the results of which are still being assessed in detail.

Impact of monsoon floods that happened in September 2022. Credits: Ramesh Gautam/ PA

Thanks to community led flood early warning system and critical interventions like culvert, flood safe shelters; no lives have been lost so far. The Community Disaster Management Committee( CDMCs) and various community led volunteer task forces – within CDMCs, worked actively as soon as flood early warning communication was received. They announced about floods and started evacuating vulnerable members to safe shelters. Community members carried their important documents with them, and kept other assets in higher location. Most of them evacuated their livestock to safer places.

Community members safeguarding their assets prior to flooding after receiving flood early warning communication. Credits: Ramesh Gautam/ PA

Communities made proper use of safe evacuation routes and safe shelters during flood event. In Baidi community, 65 HH stayed in safe shelter for three days. Similarly, in Bangaun community, 32 HH stayed in safe shelter for 2 days. They accessed clean drinking water in these safe shelters- from raised water pumps around safe shelter during flood.

These services available to the communities are also their priority in practicing Integrated Flood management (IFM). Flood Resilience measurement for communities framework augments IFM. Based on Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) evidences, communities prioritized interventions such as safe shelters, safer evacuation routes and raised water pumps. Practical Action and local governments supported the communities with these interventions. This proved critical during flood event.

Community members staying in safe shelter during flood event. Credits: Ramesh Gautam/ PA

This example from ground provides evidence on how pre-event investment is crucial in living with floods.

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