Interview] Nepal’s hydromet disaster and government’s response – Gaps and Challenges

जुलाई 16, 2020

15th July 2020

Broadcasted on Image Channel

Dr. Dharam R. Uprety, Theme lead- Climate and Resilience, Practical Action has talked about how various hydro-meteorological disasters have been affecting the country annually. He shared in detail how wrong land use planning and haphazard development of road networks through “bulldozer” without proper engineering insights has been causing widespread landslide across the country. Further, he has highlighted about the risk Nepal is facing due to increasing hydro-met hazards and preparedness action taken by the government. We will also see him pointing towards some specific gaps that need to addressed at policy level in all three tires of government. Relevant to the ongoing context, the discussion has also focused on COVID-19 impact on climate change. .